5 Steps to Meal Planning for Women to Begin Feeling Better

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Do You Eat to Support Your Full Schedule?

There are so many factors that influence when we eat, why we eat, how we eat.

Your day is full of appointments, projects, and an endless "to-do" list.

You look at the clock and realize you have not eaten anything since

the bar you grabbed when running out the door in the morning.

You get home and are STARVING and then eat whatever you can find as you throw together a dinner.

You settle down for the night to watch television and are still hungry.

You grab more snacks.

You can't sleep well.

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In this guide, you'll learn:

What to consider when planning ahead for the week

How to determine how much food you need

How to determine what kind of foods to make and what to add to your shopping list

About Your

Women's Wellness Dietitian

Mindy Yoder RDN, CDN

Mindy Yoder has been working with individuals and groups for 14 years. She guides women to make practical nutrition choices and create eating habits that lead to improved health and relationships with food and body. When working with Mindy, women start to FEEL BETTER and have an understanding of how food fuels and heals their body.

She started her practice in 2010 after a career shift from working in hotels and restaurants. After traveling often and working in corporate environments, Mindy desired a change in pace to help others learn to fuel their bodies to support the demands of career and life. She helps women learn what essential nutrients are needed to not only help promote weight loss, but to improve energy, ease digestion, reduce inflammation, and prevent or manage chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

Mindy is driven by her passion for good food, wellness, and desire to support others in their journey towards a life well lived. She combines her unique experience in the travel industry and corporate environment with her background in dietetics to educate women on navigating nutritious food choices in ever-changing schedules and life dynamics. Life doesn't happen in a cookie-cutter design, so our food habits shouldn't either.

Are you ready to FEEL BETTER and have an enjoyable experience with food?

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